Stop and ask yourself this question: Do you have any spare time?

If you’re like me, your calendar is full all day long. I had a gentleman call me who really wanted to talk, and we couldn’t find time in our schedules. We are squeezing it in tomorrow morning during a 20-minute window when we both have some time available.

Think about this for a moment: Is that good or is that bad? What is very interesting is this person called me about a significant issue they really need to work through, and I want to help them, but my calendar was already full.

On one hand, that is an honor. My calendar says I am busy but are we making time? Do we have margins in our day to accommodate situations that arise?



One of the things I have to challenge myself on – and this one really hits home – is I do not allow enough margin in my day to accommodate. Warren Buffet always says he keeps three or four hours a day open on his calendar because he wants to be able to take the calls of opportunities as they come.

Yet, I think everyone else views it just the opposite; that the only sign of a successful person is a full calendar.

I am challenging myself to make sure I have white space on my calendar. This white space would allow me to take advantage of opportunities that arise, which will create more opportunities for success.

Maybe the full calendar is not the opportunity-driven calendar we think. Maybe the white space calendar is the calendar that actually gives us the most opportunities.

Just something for you to think about this Friday morning. Take care.

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