Back in December, I did an informal survey of sales professionals. One of the most encouraging responses? About 60% of those who took the survey said they expect sales to INCREASE in 2010. 27% think sales will be about the same as 2009; only 6% thought sales would decrease. (The other 6% said they thought they would be looking for a different job!)

I talk with sales professionals all the time at companies that are finding ways to thrive despite the downturn in the economy. For some companies, the downturn in the economy is exactly what has opened up new opportunities and markets they hadn’t tapped into previously.

So how about you? How is your 2010 shaping up? Do not allow the economy, whether it is good or bad, to be your primary motivating factor. Determine on your own to keep your sales motivation high and to consistently improve upon the numbers you previously reached. For many sales professionals, 2010 will be their best year yet.

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