Does this question shock you? I hope it does. What may surprise you is how often I am asked this question. On multiple occasions, I have been approached  and the individual was quite serious. They are asking because in their mind, for one reason or another, they feel integrity is not something necessary to be successful in sales.

Any salesperson questioning the need for integrity is not a person I want on my sales team. Not only do I not welcome them as my team member,  I don’t want them in sales.  Integrity is not an optional trait; it is a core value and it must be at the foundation of everything we do. Integrity is not something you turn on or off like a light switch.

Salespeople frequently ask me, “If integrity is a core value then how does the customer see it?”  My response is, “they see integrity in everything you do.”  The customer sees integrity in how you respond and the truthfulness you exhibit in everything both seen and unseen to the customer. Integrity is evident in how you process each decision and especially how you handle things in your personal life.

Integrity is not something you live by in your professional life and ignore in your personal life. The only way you can have integrity as a core value is to model integrity as a core value in everything, regardless of what it is.

If you are a customer, would you want to deal with a salesperson who does not exude integrity? Of course not!  This is why there are people who view sales in a very negative manner. Sales is the greatest profession —you know I’m passionate about it.   My passion reaches down to the root of excavating any salesperson in our profession who does not see integrity as a core value. We simply cannot have it. Our customers are too important.

Your goal this week is simple and yet difficult: let integrity be your compass.  This week, ensure each decision you make and each conversation you have is centered around integrity.

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