Profitable sales will always go to those who demonstrate the greatest amount of sales leadership.

Sure you can cruise along with an average level of sales motivation and profit.

But if you really want to excel, you will have to demonstrate professionally and personally that integrity is a value you take seriously.

You will have to believe that authentic leadership usually has very little to do with title and everything to do with how you carry yourself.

One aspect with regard to sales leadership is to pay close attention to your “e-reputation.” I ran across this phrase and was struck by it.  Your e-reputation is what others may find out about you and your company via the web.

Maintaining a reputable status on the web is a worthy endeavor.

With Google, it’s easy to see what people are saying about you or your company. All great leaders will always have people who are in disagreement with them.  Take the time to see what is out there so you can then respond should something negative come up in a conversation.

I know plenty of warnings have been given that you should be conscientious of what you share personally on social networking sites. Surprisingly, some people still do not heed these warnings. They share questionable comments or photos on Facebook or Twitter, forgetting who is connected to them on those sites — or simply forgetting that it’s not too difficult for anyone to come across the information.

If you want to keep a high level of profits and sales motivation — and if you want to have ample time to focus on your selling skills — then be sure you are viewed as a leader.  Carry yourself with integrity and confidence wherever you present yourself, including out in cyberspace.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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