We’ve all blown it. Anyone who says they haven’t blown it is simply not living in the real world.

Don’t worry about it. I have some news for you — the sun still came up this morning and it will again tomorrow morning.

Let’s look at reality. 99.9% of all actions are virtually meaningless 24 hours after they occur.  You may say how the poor decision you made will have a lifetime of consequences, but that simply is not the case with 99.9% of all decisions.

Leadership isn’t about one decision. Nope! Leadership is comprised of thousands of decisions and it’s time to let things go.   Whether it be the way you handled a conversation with an employee or a customer call, there will be more interactions.

The best way for us to learn what our next step is after failing at leadership is to watch how little children handle things.  Watch a child get mad or upset at someone or something.  All it takes is for a few minutes to pass and what happened earlier is forgotten.  Children move on. They don’t wallow in the mud.

Life is good. No, it’s not just good. It’s great! But we’ll never fully appreciate the greatness until we move beyond mistakes in the past.

Last week’s issues and last week’s mistakes may very well become our greatest opportunities.  Celebrate the greatness of what you do. Forget the past and make the most of tomorrow.  Your customer and those around you will thank you.

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