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Top 100 Visionaries Creating Value for the World

My definition of leadership is helping others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible, and I’d say these 100 people are doing just that.

The reason I’m sharing this list is not so much for you to read the list, but to challenge your own level of thinking.

When you see a headline like this, what is the question you’re asking yourself?

I wonder if I’m on the list?

What do I need to do to be on this list?

I wonder if I will recognize any names?

I wonder how many people they stepped on to make the list?

If we fail to set our sights high enough and to challenge our thinking enough, we’re not living “lifestyle leadership.” When we look at things and focus on the negative versus the positive, then why should we expect anyone to follow our lead?

In reading this list I came to this conclusion: “The greatest opportunities lie ahead of those who are willing to see things not as they are; to challenge the norms of today and exhibit a level of resourcefulness others won’t aspire to.”

What will you aspire to achieve?






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