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“Learn from the best to get ahead of the rest.”

This quote by Harvey Mackay has become the best quote to guide me in 2016.

When I first read this quote, it hit me hard.  I have an incredible amount of respect for Harvey, and he was spot on with this insight.

Too many times, we allow our ego to get in the way, and we think we have all of the answers.  

There is little doubt that ego is one of the biggest issues that stalls out a leader’s ability to lead themselves and lead others.

We’re at the start of another year, and for me it’s turned into a real thought provoking period. I’m challenging myself to move my business to a much higher level.

It’s easy to think all it takes is to work a little harder, but that’s not the answer. The answer is in learning from others. I have a phrase I like to use — “OPM” — which stands for “other people’s minds.”

In other words, we need to do far more learning from others.

Early in my sales career, I did this a lot, because I knew so little. I was a sponge when it came to learning from others. The problem was that as I grew professionally, I began to feel I was the smart kid. I began shutting out the ideas of others.

One of the things I’m doing is making a list of core competencies I need to work on and then identifying who is the person I can best learn from.

In order for me to make this work, I have to be 100% ready to park my ego, and be willing to let go of everything I already know.

Think for a moment about something you need to change.

Who is the person you need to observe and learn from?   Or another way to look at it: Who is a person you respect for their integrity and leadership, and what can you learn from them?

Let’s have fun making this the year where we blow things apart, learn from others and ultimately have our best year ever.

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