You may have thought you asked for the order, but did your customer know you were asking for it?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few times when the customer doesn’t even know the salesperson is trying to close.

The situation usually happens like this:  Either the salesperson is so timid and scared of hearing “no” that they don’t even ask for the order or if they do ask, they do so without any confidence.

There’s probably no part of the sales process more important than the close. Because it’s so important, we have to make sure our customer is absolutely sure we’re asking for the order.

The easiest way to close — and it will even work for the most timid of salespeople — is to go with the option close.

The option close is perfect because it allows you, the salesperson, to pose a question to the customer regarding which option they might like.

Below are a couple of option closes anyone can use:

• Would you like order shipped on Tuesday or Thursday?
• Would you like 100 or 125 shipped on the first order?
• Will you be paying for it today or do we need to set up credit?
• Would you like to go with “X” or would you like to order “Y”?

Each example provides the customer with the ability to decide between two options. Best of all by using the option close, there is no doubt with the customer that you’re asking for the order.

A very simple rule I tell new salespeople and sales managers who are working with new salespeople is to use the option close 100% of the time. Doing so allows the salesperson to develop their confidence.

Eventually, they will begin to develop other closing questions to augment the option close.

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