Never end a sales call without agreeing with your prospect or customer on something, even if it’s not to actually close the sale that day.

When you come to an agreement, even on something really small, you demonstrate to the customer that you’re able to move the sale forward. If possible, agree on one particular aspect of the sale and use this as a building block for the next time you meet.

Another possibility is to simply agree on the items you will research further or even on a possible future meeting date.

Ending a sales call with agreement on something simply sets a positive tone for future interactions.

As we all know, most sales are not closed on the first sale.  It can take a variety of interactions with a customer or prospect before you sell something.

Be the type of salesperson who makes the extra effort to leave the call on a positive note.  You will stand out from other salespeople when you do this.  Even if the customer doesn’t say it, they will notice your level of commitment to them and to your profession.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.


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