What do others say about you?  I’m not saying this as if we’re on an ego trip. I’m saying this because we’re all fed up with fake people.

The number of people who live an alternate life on social media is depressing.  The number of people who walk around saying one thing and doing another is repulsive.  The question is, “Are you authentic and transparent 24/7?”

As leaders, we have an obligation to be authentic.  If we’re not authentic, how do we think we will be able to influence and impact others? Why would anyone value what we have to say if what we say doesn’t match who we are?

The internet, and the level of information and sharing it creates, is making authenticity and transparency even more important.

This isn’t the wild west where if you wanted to hide something all you had to do was ride your horse to a new town and poof, you could start a new life. Those days are long gone.  The past is not in the past. All we have to do is think #MeToo movement.

Approach each day with the goal to live a life of authenticity and transparency, and I think you’ll live a life of less stress and have greater influence and impact with others.

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