questions for gatekeepersToday is part 2 of my 10 Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers When Prospecting on the Phone.

Here is #2:

2. Rather than asking the gatekeeper for the person you want to speak to, begin the call by asking them the same questions you would ask your prospect.

Many times the gatekeeper will realize they can’t answer the questions and wind up connecting you with the person and/or department who can.

I’ve found the worst thing you can do when reaching a gatekeeper is to treat them as a low-level person tasked with merely answering the phone.

You never know for sure what level of control or influence the gatekeeper has when you reach them. In fact, that is exactly what makes a good gatekeeper.

Thinking the gatekeeper can’t assist you or what you have to offer is technically too hard for them to understand is only going to get you in trouble.

The best approach is to ask the exact same questions of the gatekeeper you would of the prospect.  The answers you get will amaze you, as they can go one of three ways.

First way is the gatekeeper blows you off and is of zero help. If this is the case, then there is nothing lost because before you made the call you didn’t have anything anyway. The only thing you know now is to call back again when the gatekeeper you’ve just talked to is most likely to not be there.

Second way it might go is the gatekeeper is knowledagble and answers your questions. If this is the case, you’re gaining key information that will help you when you do eventually reach the decision maker.

Third way it might go is the gatekeeper doesn’t have the answers, but deems the questions you’re asking important enough for them to route you through to the person you’re looking for.

I’ve found this third response to be far more common than most salespeople realize.

This is the reason why I say salespeople need to treat the gatekeeper as if they are the decision maker.



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