defeatedWe’ve all said at one time or another under our breath while walking out of a customer’s office, “Stupid customer. They just don’t get it.”

I’d say there have been many a gathering of salespeople where the sole topic discussed is the stupidity of customers.

I hate to say it, but there are more than a few customers who are talking about salespeople and saying how stupid they are.  It kind of makes you wonder if maybe by some fate of bad luck that all of the bad customers wound up with all of the bad salespeople.

Now that begs the question, “Which came first? The stupid customer or the stupid salesperson?”

So which is it?

You probably think because I’m in sales that I’ll put the blame on the customer, and then add how it’s our responsibility to educate them.

Nope. I’m not going to say that.

There are some customers who are stupid and there are some salespeople who are right there with them. I would hope the stupid salespeople aren’t working for stupid bosses, because if they are, they won’t get what they deserve — terminated.

Customer can be stupid and my response is that some of them simply aren’t worth trying to educate.   Unless you are in an industry where there is zero chance of getting a new prospect, the best thing to do with a dumb customer is to walk away.  Let your competition knock themselves out trying to rehabilitate the stupid customer.

I’d prefer you pour your effort into finding and landing several new customers.

Before you go and get all excited about how you’re going to get rid of a bunch of customers, keep one thing in mind.  If you have more than one or two stupid customers, then you need to look at yourself as being the stupid salesperson.

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