Earlier this week I found myself in a discussion about the value of “business relationships.”  The point the person was making is there are business relationships and personal relationships.  My argument was if you have a business relationship, then it’s pretty shallow at best, but if you see yourself as a sales leader, then all relationships are personal.

My argument is businesses don’t do business with other businesses, rather it’s people in a business doing business with another business.   If there is such a thing as a business relationship, then it’s going to be very narrow in scope and most likely extremely price sensitive.

You are a sales leader, and if you allow yourself to subscribe to the theory of business relationships, then you’re purely performing a function.  With that being the case, don’t forget that any function can be done very well by a computer or a machine.   If that’s the case, you’re not needed and you can change your company ID to read “machine 302.”

Sales leaders lead with their personality, and in so doing, they invite those around them to bring out their personality.  When we lead with our personality, we are authentic. When we’re authentic, our conversations become more open.  Our goal as a sales leader is to have open conversations with customers and others and by doing so we will help others.

Take a few minutes and make two lists — one containing the names of people you have personal relationships with and the second being a list of those you feel you have a business relationship.  Your task this next week is to take each name on the business relationship list and begin interacting with them in a manner to get them moved to your personal relationship list.

You might be asking yourself what is the relationship you have with me?  I would hope you see it as personal. If not, then reach out and let’s begin to make it personal.

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