A reader recently posed the following question of “The Sales Hunter”:

Do you have info specific to the Life Insurance, Financial services Industry?”


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Regarding your question about life insurance, finance, etc.,  I do have a number of articles you can download on my website.  Go to the homepage and click the articles link on the right-hand side.

The biggest item you’re selling is confidence….allowing the customer to have confidence in you.  Follow the equation of C+C=C=O=P (Continuity + Competence = Confidence = Opportunity = Profit). You are the one that develops continuity with your prospects by allowing them to see you as a stable professional in the industry.  You then allow your competency to come through, not by telling them stuff, but by asking them questions that allow them to reveal to you their pain and goals. When you do these two things, the prospect will then have the confidence in you at a high enough of a level to give you an opportunity to help them achieve their goals.  Finally, when you do this, you and the customer both profit.

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