Are you driving results or are you merely reacting to what is happening around you?

I watch far too many CSOs (Chief Sales Officers), VPs of Sales, etc., fail to be proactive enough in understanding their marketplace.

The result is their forecasts wind up being nothing more than an expectation of what will happen.

Are your forecasts projections of how you’re going to drive the business, and if so, how confident are you?

Understanding the marketplace and keeping the pipeline full requires different skill sets today than were needed just a few years ago.  Those who are adapting to the new marketplace clearly have an advantage.

I’m not talking about merely the change in the economy, I’m talking also about the change in how information is received and processed.

We have more resources at our disposal than ever to help us understand and, more importantly, influence what and how our own business will behave.

One of the biggest problems I see is a disconnect between the different levels of the sales organization and marketing and how they access and benefit from new technology and the information it provides.

Too many times the linkage between groups within a company are simply not there and then we wonder why we have problems?  The problem in my mind is we adapt technology or systems without first asking ourselves what is the problem they’re going to solve.

In the Monday Sales Summit portion of Dreamforce 2014, I’ll be speaking on this topic with Jill Rowley.

The session alone is not long enough to share all of our thinking, but what we will do is provide you with both questions and insights you can use to allow you to get on top of the problem of driving results.

Register today for this session:

5 Strategies CSOs Use to Drive Results
Monday, Oct. 13
Dreamforce 2014

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