Being able to close a sale faster is worth everything.

Not only does it get you more sales, but it also frees up your time to go get the next sale.

Below are 5 secrets you can use to close sales faster:

Limit availability of your time and what you sell.

Creating a sense of urgency with prospects will get them feeling they need to buy now if they want to have the opportunity to benefit from what you’re selling.

Focus your question around understanding a single critical need the customer has.

As much as you want to understand every element you can about the customer, doing so can take time. Much of the information you want to uncover you will be able to do after you’ve completed the first sale.

Zero in on maximizing one need you can leverage. If you’re not successful in completing a sale around the single need, don’t quit! You now merely shift back to your original selling model.

Create a Point of Entry (POE) that customers can understand quickly.

Make it easy for the customer to see how you can help them. The less the customer has to think, the faster they can make a decision to buy.

Minimize credit checks and create multiple ways for the customer to pay.

When a customer has to go through hoops to get their credit approved, the signal that is being sent to the customer is one of mistrust.

I watch too many companies and, in particular, large companies require new customers to jump through so many hoops, the process ends up becoming a barrier to new sales.

In a B2B market, make the initial sale refundable if the customer doesn’t move forward with a second buy.  

This one requires the full support of finance to make it happen. And it works best in a B2B arena where you are selling something that is commonly renewed or purchased on a regular basis.

This technique entails the customer understanding their initial purchase will be refunded to them if they don’t move forward with a second purchase.

What gives this option credibility is the customer does indeed have to buy the initial order. This simple action of having the customer pay for the first order minimizes the likelihood of them backing out. The customer will be more likely to purchase, knowing they can get their money back on that first order if they don’t make a second order.

This technique gives you the opportunity to prove to the customer why they will want to renew their purchase when the re-order time comes along.

There you have it!  5 secrets to close deals faster!  Will you start using some of these techniques today?!

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