emailDon’t think just sending out a bunch of emails is going to generate any leads, especially when you forget the most important part of the email is the first 10 words and the title.

Something you must keep in mind when prospecting by email is that the percentage of emails that are read on either a smart phone or a tablet is staggering and increasing each year.

This means people are making a decision to open or not open based on the title and maybe the first 10 words.  Don’t waste this valuable space saying anything other than something that is going to engage the person quickly.

Second mistake people make that will destroy a sales prospecting email campaign is by writing as if you’re writing a doctoral thesis.  Think short sentences and short paragraphs.  Make it easy for people to read and understand.

Third mistake is people are not clear as to what the email is all about.  Construct the email with a single point.   You can use bullet points to explain a point, but don’t try and include several key concepts in a single email.

Yes, you can recap what you wrote. Here is an example using the content of this email:

  • Your subject line and the first 10 words will determine if people open an email
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Only communicate a single point

Notice how the bullet points recap what was written earlier.  By using this approach, you’re able to reinforce the point of the email.  Prospecting using email is effective if done properly and with a strategy.

Finally, as you write your email, provide multiple ways for the person to connect with you.  Leave a 24/7 phone number and website page developed exclusively for people receiving the prospecting email.

By using an exclusive page, you’ll be able to track better not only who opened the email, but also who expressed interest and clicked through.

The goal of your email campaign is to engage the prospect in a next step. Keep things simple and you’ll do just that.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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