time managementWho among us doesn’t want to save more time, better use time and essentially get more out of our day?!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Check email using your smartphone.

We delete messages much faster when we view them on our smart phone. A key problem everyone has is spending too much time on email.

2. Empty the email in-box each day.

This may sound like a fantasy, but it’s doable and many of the most productive people you’ll ever meet live by this policy. Use folders to retain messages.  By not letting the “in-box” become cluttered, your mind will be less cluttered.

3. Don’t waste Fridays as your “admin day.”

When you allow yourself to accept Fridays as your day to get all your paperwork done, you will put off things you can do as you go throughout the week, and in so doing, you’ll wind up creating more work.   If you can cut your “admin” time in half, you will have that much more time to sell.

4. Schedule time on your calendar to prospect.

If you don’t schedule time, something else will arise keeping you from doing it.

5. Read 15 minutes each day about a specific topic / issue relative to the industry you work in.

Smart kids always do better. Don’t tell yourself you need to do it. Just do it, and within 6 months people will be calling you the smart kid.

6. Use Evernote or some other note taking software that will link up to all your devices.

Scraps of paper get lost, thinking you’ll remember it creates frustration.   Being organized is easy when you have a tool you can access wherever you are.

7. Start each day doing 2 things — Making prospecting phone calls and working on your most difficult task for the day.

If you don’t do the difficult stuff and/or the stuff you don’t like first thing, it’s amazing how it will never get done. Do it early and you’ll feel great for the rest of the day.

8. Don’t end the day until you have tomorrow planned out, including what customers / prospects you will plan to contact.

It’s about not wasting time today. The best day you’ll ever have is today. Don’t waste it.

9. Know each day the actions you intend to take that will move you closer to achieving your goals.

It’s easy to get caught up in requests, actions, etc., throughout the day. There will always be things competing for your time. The best way to achieve your goals is by being focused on them with a specific action you intend to take each day.

10. Count it privilege to be able to interact with your customers and others you come in contact with.

Yes the number of distractions each day can be overwhelming, but many you will never be able to do anything about. If what you did wasn’t important, you wouldn’t have others looking to you.   Have a good attitude, serve others and you’ll find yourself with a much better outlook toward everything you do.

Which one of the above do you need to focus in on?

Don’t attempt to master all 10 right away. Take them one at a time. I’ll be more successful by doing a couple of things really well and doing a bunch of stuff merely average. 




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