Sure, it’s good to know in general about your industry.

But what’s even better is a thorough understanding of your own company — and what it’s going to take to grow the bottom line and increase your sales motivation.

So, here goes — 10 questions to ask yourself. (Okay, there are more than 10, but all offer you something significant).

1. What is our strategy for reaching customers that don’t know anything about us?

2. Of what we sell, what is the one item or service a new customer is most likely to buy first?

3. With regard to our current or past customers, what do they say is the main reason they have bought from us?

4. If someone doesn’t buy from us, who do they buy from and why?

5. What are the major obstacles our competitors face in growing their business? What is the major obstacles we face?

6. What do we need to do to develop an effective referral program with our current customers?

7. Who are our competitors for EACH one of our products or service?  Why are we different in each?  What makes us stand out?

8. How many calls on average does it take us to close a sale?

9. What are all of the objections we’ve heard from our prospects as to why they don’t want to buy from us?

10. Specifically what do we need to do to be more efficient in our sales efforts so that we can increase profits?

If you put some genuine effort individually and as a sales team answering these questions, what you learn will be profound.  And what you learn will allow you to increase your profits.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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