Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” helps individuals and companies identify better prospects, close more sales and profitably build more long-term customer relationships. He is a consultative selling expert, specializing in custom-tailored sales programs that allow businesses to gain the edge they need to compete and win in today’s marketplace.

For nearly 30 years, Mark Hunter has been in sales. For 18 years, he worked for three Fortune 100 companies managing sales territories worth more than $200 million in annual sales. Other roles included directing more than 200 sales people and $700 million in annual sales. For the past 12 years, he has been a sales consultant who speaks and works with leading global companies. It’s Mark’s experience in key sales positions of top corporations that gives him the confidence to deal with CEOs and other senior-level people in today’s corporate environment.

The experience Mark has had, combined with his communication skills and keen sense of various industry issues, makes him a highly sought after sales speaker and sales consultant for corporations and associations. Since creating the brand, “The Sales Hunter,” in 1998, he has had the privilege of speaking to and working with thousands of sales professionals and business leaders. His passion for sales and his engaging communication style make him a favorite presenter of numerous companies and associations. He is best known for his sales motivation speeches that not only educate the audience, but also leave them empowered to succeed.

“The Sales Hunter” provides wisdom, motivation and inspiration to sales professionals around the globe through his weekly sales tip. His insightful videos and podcasts are popular downloads on YouTube and iTunes, and he has been quoted in numerous magazines and newspapers. His free, weekly Sales Hunting Tip email is received by thousands of salespeople worldwide. Additionally, many leading  sales and business magazines and websites have printed his articles.

To find out more about Mark’s selling philosophy, you can follow his blog. In addition, you can find his numerous articles on the website in the “Resources” section.