closing a saleHave you ever asked yourself why you can’t close? I imagine you have.

I know I have and I’d be willing to say there is not a salesperson out there who has not asked themselves that question.

Here’s my quick checklist of questions you need to ask yourself when you can’t close a sale:

1. Is it realistic that I close 100% of the time?

Don’t kid yourself. Nobody closes 100% of sales, even if your price is way too low. Closing ratios of even 20% are normal in some industries. Don’t compare yourself to other industries. Only you know your customers.

2. Have I forgotten that the next sale could be coming up?

Never forget the next sale could be the next phone call, the next visit, the next prospect. Just when you think there’s no chance, it’s amazing how sales will occur.

3. Am I making it easy for the customer to buy?

What do you need to do to simplify the process to allow the customer to make an easy and quick decision?

4. Am I dealing with prospects who are even capable of buying?

Review the profile of your existing customers and compare them to your prospects.   Just because a prospect gives you time to talk doesn’t mean they fit your profile.

5. What do I offer and do I understand the value / benefit it will bring customers?

If I’m not clear in my own mind about the value of what I offer, why would I ever think it would be clear in the minds of my prospects and customers?

6. Have I sold myself?

Do I create in the minds of my prospects and customers a level of confidence and competence that allows them to be feel comfortable buying from me?

7. How’s my attitude?

It’s amazing how much our attitude comes through, even when we don’t think it is. It’s hard to play poker with your attitude. A bad attitude will show.

8. Am I committed to truly helping the customer see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible?

Customers notice when you care, they notice when you’re focused on them and they will certainly notice when the only thing you’re focused on is trying to close a sale to benefit you.

9. Do I know why customers do like doing business with me?

Ask your existing customers why they like working with you. Those same traits they see in you are what you need to make sure your prospects see in you.

10. Am I focused only on the short term?

Keep your focus long-term, and regardless how bad you might think things are going, focus on what is going well. Focusing on whatever is going well is one of the best ways to ensure you wind up experiencing even more good outcomes.




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