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How Do I Build a Prospecting Plan That Will Work?

Whether you’re building a prospecting plan from scratch or reviewing your existing plan, ask yourself these 8 questions. I have said this before, but I will say it again- the biggest improvements you can make to your prospecting are to the little things. That will

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What Is A Perfect Voicemail for Prospecting?

First off, don’t over complicate it. Your objective is first to generate interest and then get them to return your call. That’s it! Don’t think that your goal is to answer every objective or to even motivate them to immediately buy. You’re not going to

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The Role of Marketing in Generating Leads

When it’s the end of the quarter and sales is missing their number, it’s easy to blame. Usually, sales will blame marketing for not giving them great leads. As a result, marketing is up in arms because the CEO decides to cut their budget for

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