When Should I Negotiate?

When Should I Negotiate?

  It’s important to remember you should sell first and negotiate second. This means we don’t even think about negotiating with a customer until we have first completed the selling process. And this means having had our solution rejected at least two times. ...

12 Tips on How to Negotiate Successfully

  Many salespeople struggle with knowing how to negotiate successfully. It’s not only a problem for salespeople, but really for everyone because at one time or another, everyone finds themselves in a situation where they’re having to negotiate. Below are 12 quick...

Only Negotiate After They’ve Rejected Your Offer Twice

  How can you know the customer’s needs if you don’t spend time “selling” to them first? Negotiating should be an option only when the sales process has not been successful. This builds on the strategy of selling first and negotiating second and now puts some specific...

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