I’ve never been one to acknowledge the economy especially when it is bad.

There is a word that starts with the letter “r” to describe a bad economy and I simply can’t say it.  However, what I will say and talk about is the economy when it is moving upward.

Every week I talk with business people around the U.S. and other countries.  What I find in my conversation now is a real sense of optimism about where the economy is headed.

With particular regard to North America, everyone I talk to feels things are clearly picking up.

Yes, the pace is not equal in every city or industry, but there are clear signs we’re getting back to where things should be.

To me this is great news and we should not for a moment have ever believed we would never return to positive GDP growth.   How strong do I think it is going to be?  I have no idea, and to me it really doesn’t matter, as I’m planning on riding the wave long and hard.

This should be an alarm to every salesperson out there reading this to step up their game.

The reason is simple — typically at the beginning of an economic upturn there are major opportunities for huge sales at a nice profit and the reason is simple. The competition is still sleeping.

There are still large numbers of companies that have not ramped up their sales and marketing efforts, so what that means is if you have ramped up your effort, there is some serious business waiting to be had.

The business is not going to come to you. If you want it, you have to be aggressive and go get it.

Two big things every salesperson should be doing right now is first, building awareness to let people know you’re out there. This means prospecting like crazy.  Second, target your sales efforts.  Don’t spend time with everyone. That is a big waste.  Rather, use that time to spend with qualified leads.

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