Sales is Leadership. Leadership is Sales.




High-Profit Prospecting: Driving Breakthrough Results

Organizations do not need more management. They need more leadership. Too many companies fail to embrace the positive impact effective leadership can have not only on profits, but also on employee success.

Too many salespeople don’t come close to realizing their potential because they are not receiving the support they need. The solution is in having strong leaders who can guide the team to a much higher level of success.

Sample Table of Contents:

  • Sales is Leadership / Leadership is Sales
  • Impact of Sales Leadership on Top Line and Bottom Line
  • Role of the Sales Leader
  • Managing vs. Leading
  • Self-Coaching
  • Leadership Goals
  • Establishing Expectations
  • Measuring Performance
  • Balancing Time / Handling the Workload
  • Motivating Strategies
  • Coaching
  • Leading the High Performer
  • Leading the Low Performer
  • 4-Legged Sales Call
  • Development Process
  • Running a Sales Meeting
  • Leading the Quarter / Year-End Push

Key Outcomes:

Participants will leave with the following:

  • Specific processes they can use to increase their leadership skills immediately
  • Checklist for use in evaluating their on-going activity

Additional resources include:

  • Sales is Leadership / Leadership is Sales workbook
  • Sales is Leadership / Leadership is Sales video series

Optimal delivery is a full-day workshop.

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