High-Profit Pricing — Maximizing the Value to Maximize the Profit

Pricing Challenges

High-Profit Pricing — Maximizing the Value to Maximize the Profit

Discounting a price to close a sale is the direct result of the salesperson failing to create enough value for the customer to accept the full price. The size of the discount grows even more when the salesperson fails to believe in themselves and how they can help the customer. The result is lost value for the customer and lost profit for you.

Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter,” is the foremost thought leader in helping organizations eradicate poor pricing behavior and drive top line and bottom line profits.

The program is extremely hands-on with participants focused on building their own plan.

Sample Table of Contents:

  • Low-Pricing is Not a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • L2/T/S3
  • C+C=C=O=P
  • The Bottom Line
  • Pricing is Biggest Profit Lever
  • The Reality of a Discount / Price Increase
  • Value Equation
  • Each Price Increase Requires Two Sales
  • Finding Value / Building “Added Value” Benefits
  • Perceived Benefits
  • Value Propositions
  • Risk Factor Worksheet
  • ROI Driven Presentations
  • Cost Conversion Assessment
  • Solution Saving — The ROI
  • Profit Questions
  • Rules of Pricing
  • Timeline
  • Pricing Execution Worksheet
  • Responding to Common Pricing Issues
  • Pricing Excuses
  • Dealing with a Purchasing Department
  • Rules for Handling an RFP

Key Outcomes:

Who will benefit from this program?

Participants will leave with the following:

  • Specific processes they can use to prospect and put into use immediately
  • Industry-specific language
  • Timetable and roadmap customized to their territory
  • Checklist for use in evaluating their on-going activity

Additional resources include:

  • High-Profit Pricing workbook
  • High-Profit Pricing video series

Optimal delivery is a full-day workshop.

Contact Mark Hunter to find out how this program could be ideal for your sales meeting or conference.