Cold-Calling: Sales Technique is Still Viable (PART 1)

A lot of people say cold-calling is dead and it has no place in today’s selling environment. I can’t disagree more. I firmly believe cold-calling belongs in the sale mix, because it keeps you as the salesperson sharp.

Over the years, I have seen too many salespeople lose their selling edge. One of the reasons is they have built up their territory and rely on long-term good customers for all of their business. The problem comes when these customers begin to fade away, and the salesperson does not have the momentum or the competency to go out and find new customers. By dedicating part of your sales day or sales week to cold-calling, you keep yourself engaged and ready. It’s no different than expecting someone to go out and run a 10K when they haven’t run even a single mile in the months leading up to the race. There is no way they would be successful. The same is true for sales. Cold-calling is the best way to stay sharp and focused.

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1 thought on “Cold-Calling: Sales Technique is Still Viable (PART 1)”

  1. I agree with you 100%. When I first got in to sales I spent the first six months cold calling and there was nothing better I could have done to sharpen my skills.

    As we get more experienced in sales some salespeople tend to get ‘cocky’ and think they can short cut the process and phone calls are part of the process. Cold calls keep you sharp and on your toes and help to refine your skills.

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