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Am I Still a Leader If I Fail?

How would you answer that question? My response would be that there’s nothing wrong with failure. It doesn’t hinder your ability to be a leader. I would like to go even one step further and congratulate you for failing, because that shows that you tried.

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Truths 11-20: Your Prospecting Plan

Quit thinking prospecting is someone else’s job. It’s your job, and that means you need to have a plan. You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Trust me, it’s easy to screw up a two-car funeral pretty quick with some of the sales plans I’ve seen

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Integrity + Influence = Impact

Who are your best customers? Why are they your best customers? I will say they are probably your best customers, because you’ve been able to have a positive influence on them. Your positive influence has resulted in a positive impact and this profound impact has

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50 Prospecting Truths- It’s Your Job: Truths 1-10

Prospecting is not an afterthought. Prospecting is the foundation sales should be built upon. Furthermore, sales is what business is built on, and business is what drives the economy. If you remove prospecting from the equation, business and in turn the economy will be affected

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What’s The Value Of Your Name?

What company do you work for? The name of your company is seen in your email address, email signature, business card and many other places. I can even look at your profile on social media and see the name of the company you work for.

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