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Do I Have Prospects or Are They Suspects?

It’s time to clean out your sales pipeline, your sales funnel or whatever name you choose to call your sales process but first, you need to ask yourself these two questions: • How long does it take me to convert a lead into a customer?

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How To Get Past the Gatekeeper

We’ve all been there. You make the call and boom, you’re blocked by the gatekeeper. They won’t let you get to the person you want to speak with. First off, remember that the gatekeeper is only doing their joy by guarding the gate. That’s what

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Your Reputation Arrives Before You Do

You can run, but you can’t hide. You can fake it, but you won’t make it. The era of thinking that you can behave one way in one situation and a different way in another is long gone. Your reputation arrives before you do. It

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How Do I Use Email to Prospect?

How effective are your emails? You want to think that the email you just wrote is perfect and sending it out to 100 prospects will result in at least 90 meetings. If this is you, there’s no need for you to read any further; however,

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What Do I Do When a Prospect Goes Silent?

You have the perfect prospect. You know how you can help them. You have that initial phone call, and everything feels good. They share great information and provided even more information and insights in response to your questions. You feel like life is good. The

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