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Why Do Salespeople Lie? #SalesTruth

This question drives me nuts! Frankly, it’s sad that people even think about asking it. Unfortunately, it is true and I see too many salespeople lying time and time again to other salespeople. The concept of social media being the fastest way to grow your

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Monday Motivation Video: Failing Means You Tried

What does failing do for you? It develops character, perseverance and resilience. Failing shows that you actually tried. It means that you took a step and went for it. Failures will get you one step closer to being successful, because they always teach you something.

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Sales Leadership – 12 Questions You Need to Ask

Congratulations on making your quota for this quarter! It’s the 4th consecutive quarter you’ve made your number and you are feeling good. Instead of only seeing yourself as a salesperson, you’re now seeing yourself as a sales leader. You’ve arrived, but hold on… have you

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How Do I Get Past the Gatekeeper?

If there is one type of person every salesperson has more than a few pain-filled stories about, it is the gatekeeper. Relax! I’ve experienced my share of this too. You can’t make too many sales calls of any type without encountering one. You don’t have

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How Important is Credibility to the Sales Process?

Maybe the right question is: how do customers define credibility? The issue is that customers can’t see someone’s good intentions; they only see the results. This is the biggest issue when it comes to credibility and why  oftentimes there is a disconnect between a salesperson

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