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Is Sales About Helping People?

Many people would say sales is about taking advantage of people. It hurts me to hear people say that. I don’t think people would come to that conclusion without relating it to their own personal experience. This tells me that they have either had an

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Use Your Time Smarter

How do you segment your leads and your prospects? If you’re like most salespeople, you don’t know how to or at least don’t know how to well. Next, how good are you at finding enough time to prospect? If this is a constant battle for

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What Is Sales?

Sales leadership is nothing more than interacting with others to make a positive impact. We can break it down even further and say that sales leadership is just people connecting with people. Sales and leadership are one and the same. Sales is only as complicated

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Your Sales & Prospecting Assessment

Ask yourself the following 10 questions to help assess how you’re doing with prospecting and selling: What do I feel is the #1 reason holding me back from being more successful? What is my plan to do something about it? What would I say is

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Monday Motivation Video: Celebrate Success!

Look back at all that you accomplished last week. Take a moment to celebrate your successes! Don’t dwell on your failures. Keep your mind focused on the good and positive. This will give you the jumpstart you need to be successful this week! Don’t forget:

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