Typewriter Whats Your GoalRecently, I was sitting with a salesperson with more than 20 years of experience.

We were discussing his opportunities and goals, not just for this year, but for the next 5 years.

As I asked him questions about various things for him to try, he would come back and state how each item I suggested simply was not possible.

I’m fine with people pushing back on my ideas, but what I found interesting was how everything he told me was, in his opinion, beyond his control.

During the entire discussion, he continued to make one broad statement after another — how his financial situation and lifestyle were due solely to situations outside of his control.

Clearly, I wasn’t successful in convincing him that his dire financial situation was of his own doing based on his willingness to accept artificial limits.

There wasn’t one item he shared that wasn’t in his control.

What are the artificial limits you’re placing on yourself?

What have you allowed yourself to believe?

Success is achieved not by what we don’t do. It’s achieved by what we do.

Next time you feel you can’t do something, ask yourself if the reason you feel you can’t do it is because of what you want to believe.   The salesperson I was talking to had clearly reached a point in his life where he was willing to accept his lack of results and subsequent lower standard of living.

What I find amazing about anyone who sets self-imposed limits is how once they accept their beliefs, everything they do is based around supporting their beliefs.   In essence, their beliefs become self-sustaining.

This week challenge yourself to push past one of your self-imposed limits.  The reason is simple: If you fail, you’re no worse off than before.

If, on the other hand, you’re successful, then you will have achieved success! And you will have proved that the only thing self-imposed limits are good for is having something to break.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.


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