As difficult as it can be to get someone on the telephone, knowing what to do after the call can be just as difficult. Below are things to remember when you’re ending the initial prospecting telephone call.

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  1. Repeat back to the prospect one thing you learned from them, as a way to confirm you’ve been listening.
  1. Just before closing the call, ask them one more question regarding something they’ve shared with you. Doing this demonstrates you value their opinion and will many times compel the prospect to share with you even more valuable information.
  1. Thank the other person, ending the call in the same classy manner as you began the call.
  1. Gain a commitment as to the purpose for the next call. Typically this will be based on the key information you learned from them.
  1. Gain a commitment for a time for the next call.
  1. Regardless of what the customer might ask you to send to them in an email, resist the temptation. The most common reason the customer is asking you to email them is as a way to get you off the phone. If asked to do this, state how there is simply too much information you could send them and it wouldn’t be make any sense without knowing more specifically about their needs.
  1. Do not email to the prospect after the call enough information to allow them to make a decision without talking with you. It is appropriate to email them information and ask for their opinion, but keep it short and tight, so to not overwhelm the prospect.
  1. The purpose of the call is to earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to talk with that person again. Regardless of how they might treat you, never lose your respect and dignity.
  1. View each call made as another step in the journey that will move you one step closer to qualifying the prospect as someone you expect to turn into a profitable customer.
  1. Enter all of the information you learned from the customer and what you shared into your CRM system.

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