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Quick Tips for Increasing Sales – Are you in a sales slump? Consider some of the insights offered from our Professional Selling Skills Training Seminar that are highlighted in this article. Topics include effectively using the telephone, time management, and referrals.

Driven to Distraction: How Latest Trends Will Hurt You – Now more than ever, you need to stay tightly focused on your goal if you expect to keep your level of sales motivation up. It becomes far too tempting to start chasing after the latest trend when things are not happening at the rate you expect them.

The Spirit of Service – How important do you consider customer service? In his article, “The Spirit of Service”, Mark Hunter offers insights into the impact that employees can have on the customer’s shopping experience.

Passion as a Sales Tool – Attitude is everything! Leading sales motivation speaker, Mark Hunter, shares his belief that passion is most under-rated and under-utilized sales tool today. Discover (or rediscover) your passion for sales and close more sales!

Confidence Sells! – Are you looking to increase your sales motivation? In his article, “Confidence Sells!”, Mark Hunter offers insights on how and why confidence leads to success in sales and encourages retail salespeople to not only develop product knowledge, but also confidence in their abilities.

Quotes from Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”  Mark Hunter shares many of the quotes he is famous for and the same ones he uses in many of his sales training and sales motivation programs.

Position Yourself as a Leader – More than any other character trait, leadership is the foundational one that makes a great sales career possible. In this article, Mark Hunter explores the necessity for salespeople to continually refine their leadership skills. Such skills are intricately vital to a salesperson achieving extraordinary success.

Why Customer Service Destroys Salespeople – Mark Hunter challenges commonly-perpetuated “wisdom” about what truly is great customer service. He encourages salespeople and managers to recognize that selling is more than simply taking orders. The salespeople who excel are those who pro-actively uncover a prospect’s needs and then offer the appropriate products and services.

Who Really Achieves Success in Sales? – Dispelling common misconceptions about who really achieves success, Mark Hunter looks closer at the role integrity plays above everything else.

Intellectual Capital and Your Sales Career – While financial capital does factor in to a company’s success, what is even more important is how well they nurture, reward and value intellectual capital. Mark Hunter looks closer at this with regard to your sales career.

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