Phone Sales Tips


Phone Sales Tips When Contacting Customers – Are you effectively using the telephone as a sales tool? In his article, “Phones Sales Tips When Contacting Customers,” Mark Hunter gives helpful hints regarding telephone etiquette to help you find and close more sales.

14 Steps to Successful Cold-Calling – Although necessary for long-term success, cold-calling is not a favorite of many salespeople. In his article, “14 Steps to Successful Cold-Calling,” Mark Hunter teaches the skills and disciplines necessary to make this task lead to greater success for your business. This popular article has been reprinted in numerous magazines and on many websites.

15 Tips to Surviving and Thriving with Voice Mail – Do you enjoy or dread voicemail messaging? In this insightful article, Mark offers helpful hints regarding voicemail etiquette and how to best use this important sales tool effectively. This material can be found also in a sales training program delivered by Mark Hunter.

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