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Sales Managers: Are You Encouraging This Bad Behavior?

  Are your salespeople spending too much time cruising the internet in a way that is robbing them from selling? You could be encouraging this behavior and not even realize it.  The more comments you make about stuff you see on the internet that is not work-related, the more likely your salespeople will want to go check it out […]

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How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

  The 5 type of “customer personalities” you may face on your next sales call: 1. Decision Maker The decision maker (DM) is the person who must sign off for the deal to go through. Be careful. Many people will call themselves the decision maker, but ultimately they really submit to someone else. 2. Influencer […]

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5 Great Sales Questions Every Person Should Use

  I talk so much about the role questions play in the selling process and the need for every salesperson to have at least 5 questions they can feel comfortable using. I think it’s appropriate to share what I believe are 5 great questions: What are the outcomes you’re expecting? I like asking this question […]

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