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The Slow Death of a Business

  Not long ago, I was sitting in a restaurant known for its breakfast. It’s 7:40 AM and I am the only customer. Ten years ago, you couldn’t find a seat in this place at this time of day. Now it’s a question of how much longer can the restaurant hold on. What changed?  Everything, […]

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5 Ways to Network via Email in the Summer

  It’s summer and schedules are going crazy. Between vacations, holidays and changes in the school year, it seems like trying to stay connected with people can be harder than ever. Challenge is you don’t want the network of people you try to stay in contact with to grow even more distant. Here are 5 […]

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Best Sales Books for Your Summer Reading List!

  What’s on your list of books you’re reading this summer? Below is what I’ve read the last few weeks or will be reading shortly. And at the bottom of this post is a link to a much longer list of excellent sales books, thanks to my friends at Top Sales World. I have no doubt many […]

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